Month: June 2014

PM&R Board Review

A pacemaker is inserted when the heart cannot perform its basic function of pumping blood to the vital organs on its own. In relation to the importance of the work it does, a pacemaker is ridiculously simple to place in the body. It is the easiest and least invasive of all cardiac surgeries. However, certain pre-operative tests must still be performed to ensure that the surgery goes well. Nose bleeds are a common medical condition, and almost everyone will experience one at some point. They are not usually dangerous, but in some cases, the underlying cause of a nose bleed can be potentially life-threatening.

It is a mild deformity in the toes in which there may be the presence of slight bend. The toe becomes curled because of this bend which is usually present in the middle of joints. Mallet toe is not the same as hammer toe since it affects the upper joint of the toe. The main reason for getting hammer toe is wearing tight shoes or using high heels. Due to subsequent pressure exerted by the shoes, the toe gradually bend forward causing hammer like appearance. Foot injury or trauma in which the toe gets damaged causing hammertoe. Even diabetics can cause serious changes in the nerve of the toe joints.mallet toe surgery recovery time

The most obvious symptoms of this injury will be the the middle toe joint is permanently bent at an angle. In the beginning movement may still be possible but as time passes and the injury worsens the toe will be locked in place and possible require hammer toe correction surgery to fix. A toe doctor can provide you with devices such as hammer toe regulators or straighteners. These are also available for purchase locally. Another good idea is to start the hammer toe rehabilitation process by gently trying to straighten the joint and moving and flexing the affected toe as much as possible without straining it.

The Studio Select Kombi by Scotty Cameron looks like it belongs in a gallery of modern sculpture. Cameron, known for some of the best blade putters around, decided to venture into the mallet market with this one. And his commitment to craftsmanship and better putting shows in all details. It is a gorgeous putter, top and bottom, and the double-bend, no kink shaft is something to hold and behold! read more The precision milled 303 Stainless Steel Newport putters feature an improved high toe profile and heel and toe circular sole weights that allow for numerous length options in each model. read moremallet toe pictures

Mighty Max was a commercial grade “toilet drain clearing gun” invented in Russia during the Cold War. It was discovered by accident beneath the Kremlin as some of the greatest and most productive evil minds collaborated and developed the “X99 Toilet of Death”. Designed to remove unsuspecting infidels permanently, the KGB was pleased with the weapon’s capabilities. Enemies of the state were washed up (down, actually) with such spectacular force their head would spin when they’d innocently retire to the bathroom with a Popular Tractor magazine, drop their drawers and plunk themself down on the toiletski.